Living from the Spacious Heart

One of my strengths is bringing the embodiment experience into clear communication of sensory based understanding. I believe this is important, because it's through the feeling senses of the body, that enables us to really grock the processes we're expanding into and through. Cognitive understanding has it's necessity as well, however in my experience, it's … Continue reading Living from the Spacious Heart

Creating with Love

We each are an artists creating. We're in a time of growing importance of remaining vigilant to what we are creating with our feelings, thoughts, & actions. Many of us are becoming more present as to where we put our energy. Where attention & energy go, reality grows. What we are drawn to, is already … Continue reading Creating with Love

New Moon Light Language Activation on Zoom, August 18th

Greetings Lovelies! Tuesday, August 18th we'll be activating our next leveling with the energy of the New Moon! Bring your visions & heart-soul intentions for this New Moon gathering to activate your divine truth into manifestation. We're creating NOW what is ready to physicalize in December/January 2021. We'll have a general discussion, time for some … Continue reading New Moon Light Language Activation on Zoom, August 18th

Awakening in Process

Living in these human bodies, we are a living force. And we are enlivened by a myriad of forces. As we evolve multi-dimensionally, we recognize the force we are, evolving to higher states of consciousness. Expanding, deepening, raising. Our awakening, the Ascension process we're all undergoing to varying degrees offers us the opportunity to know … Continue reading Awakening in Process

Divine Mother, the Fabric of Creation

We, humans, all organic life forms, were born of Unified Source Love. Awakening and  Ascension is our journey Home to Love. The fabric of creation, she is the background buzz of the Universal pulse is often referred to as Divine Mother. She is the force that pulsates life through all living beings. Her essence is … Continue reading Divine Mother, the Fabric of Creation