Winter’s Call

Gratitude continues to expand these days for many things. One of which is being in a part of the country with the change of seasons. I've always thought of myself as a sun-baby ... which I am really, however living both in SoCal/LA & Arizona before that, I have so much appreciation for the clouds, … Continue reading Winter’s Call

Guidance from the Light ~ Faith & Trust

This was received in March.  Greetings ~ We wish to speak of the shift occurring on the New Earth Rising. The old is passing and there is a rebuilding of a state of Love. Love is the prominent force taking place. Don't be worried and distracted by the great upheaval as the density is moved … Continue reading Guidance from the Light ~ Faith & Trust

Earth Day Celebration, Every Day

Happy Earth Day ~ and may we remember & celebrate her everyday! Our Mother Earth naturally holds the coherent frequencies of Love. The teachings of Mother Nature are subtle. When we are called to learn from her, we must become quiet, calm, and observant.  It is then that she can not only speak to us, … Continue reading Earth Day Celebration, Every Day