Guidance from the Light~ Clinging

It's been a wild ride! I hope all have had an enlightening Solstice Moon time. I've been spending some inner time over our Full Moon/Summer Solstice phase this last week. I wanted to share this most recent guidance regarding 'The Light Source of the New Earth Rising pt 1.' 'Continue to cling to what is … Continue reading Guidance from the Light~ Clinging

Sacred Designs, We Are

Do you feel the stirring, whispering for you to begin? Dancing in our circle, each hand gesturing with grace & beauty, seemingly choreographed, yet not. We each are vehicles, empty, yet filled, surrendering to the divine flow within us. We are danced from the Mysteries of Life. We are the Divine Feminine, drawing down the … Continue reading Sacred Designs, We Are

Guidance from the Light ~Sustain Changes in Self

Hello Sisters & Brothers ~ We must start by asking, how much time have you been spending out with your Mother Nature? We will again stress the importance of this, to create the best circumstances for gathering & integrating the light codes. As the forceful shifts are still in flux, please stay present in each … Continue reading Guidance from the Light ~Sustain Changes in Self

Language of Soul & Light Transmission

I'm sharing a new Light Language, ancient soul language transmission to support the intense energies at this time. We're being asked to say "YES!" to our highest aspects, release that which doesn't support our expressions of Love, Light, Purpose. You can receive it here on Youtube:¬†Light Language Activation The Languages of Light, are our Soul's … Continue reading Language of Soul & Light Transmission