There is a Sacred Fire of longing burning within your heart.
There is a ripe bud awaiting the time of its Bloom.
The reality readying to be revealed, is that you are Whole and Wholy
– right here, right now.

Welcome to the Art of Sacred Embodiment!

I offer practical guidance and multi-dimensional methods to assist your Sacred Awakening journey. May your path deepen and your heart bloom as you remember and embody the Divine radiance that is You!

As a Guide and Mentor for the Sacred Embodiment of your spiritual awakening journey, it is my honor to assist in multi-dimensional awareness, activating Higher Love through Light Language, and to deepen your soul connection through the Inner Alchemy/ Inner Union of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine. Becoming immersed in a path of Sacred Intimacy and Self~ Love, the presence of Divine Source communion deepens within. As ones Wholy~Wholeness is established, divine alignment and co-creation of a blessed life flourishes.

As an author, and companion on this path, I share direct experiences from the early years in my awakening adventure, Awakening from the Dream ~ a Kundalini Memoir. This path of direct experience of over 2 decades, has informed the ways I am able to be of service to support others awakening journey.

Everything is vibration. Our emotions, thoughts, actions and even state of health are vibration. The more we learn about vibration and frequency, the deeper we are introduced to the Quantum field and multi-dimensional realities. Science and spirituality are merging within this new age of higher evolution that humanity is moving into. It’s a time of raising frequency, which is to say, the expansion of consciousness.

My work supports those who are ready to commit to their own Ascension journey. As a guide and mentor, we begin where you are in this present Now. This is a path of sensitizing to your own energetic dynamics in order to Divinely Align with all that is already written within your Heart-Soul!

My mentorship activates and supports the raising of your frequency and expanding consciousness while purifying your being in order to amplify Love. This creates the embodiment of higher awareness and states of being. Consciously saying YES! to your Ascension process allows you to remember the divinity that you are ~ that you are Wholy & Whole, Precious & Perfect.

Though it is sometimes lofty, I assist in breaking it down for practical assimilation and integration as you return HOME to your Sacred Center.

Curious if my offerings are aligned with your needs?

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All that I learn through this sacred path, I share with you. This is my calling. This is my dedication. This is my honor. This is my love.