Winter’s Call

Gratitude continues to expand these days for many things. One of which is being in a part of the country with the change of seasons. I’ve always thought of myself as a sun-baby … which I am really, however living both in SoCal/LA & Arizona before that, I have so much appreciation for the clouds, the brisk chill/cold & ironically, I may even welcome snow when it arrives!

Staying in tune with the cycles of Mother Nature have been important for harmonizing & balancing on all levels of my being. Living in mostly perpetual sunshine & heat, for the past years, I felt I had to self-impose the quietude & dormancy my body & mind craved, while all around me the sun energy provoked activity & inspiration.

During the winter, a time of crone-hood, my hibernation felt out of place, with the continuous liveliness of the maiden-sunshine. The death processes that often required long periods of sleep or melancholy, were harder to sink into.

This year, in the mid-west, I feel in sync, in tune, the outer is reflecting the inner. The elements are working in tandem with my energy. As we move toward the Winter Solstice, I’m doing the necessities of the day to day, yet on my days off relishing in naps, going to bed earlier, getting up a little later. Taking baths. Meditating more through out the day. Letting the death process unfold of this highly transformative last year.

There are more layers simply falling away, the more that I enter into ‘just being.’ Once again, I have a place where I can stretch out, snuggle in & do absolutely nothing but watch the clouds. Even though we’ve had some great sunny days, the crispness of the air and the bare trees, remind me to keep letting go. To go within. To slow down. To trust in the wisdom that unfolds from the crone/the wise woman within. Chew the cud of all the lessons learned & allow the soil for the coming spring to grow fertile in this dark time of the year.

I’m grateful for the grace & nourishment that emerges when aligning & balancing to what is true within. This more often than not, means consciously unplugging & deprogramming from the voices/energy of the collective consciousness, that compels us to constantly go & do, strive & distract from the inner quietude that the winter season gently lulls us toward.

Mother Nature is teaching us, mirroring our own nature to us, through her cycles. However it’s up to me/us to glean the wisdom she imparts, not through words or the intellect, but from the body, the heart & Being.

As we move into the longest night of the year, may we all feel the blessings, nourishment & wisdom from our own crone-nature, that speaks to us in the dark quietude of Soul.
 & Winter Solstice Blessings ~



art: Frank Howell


Guidance from the Light ~ Highest Self Alignment

Greetings Lovelies! I wanted to share this which has come in recently. We are being urged to continue to move at rapid paces. Always know, we are held, loved & supported.

The Soul, the Highest Self, knows what is needed.

Stay out of the way of your personality. Allow personality/personhood to follow the alignment,  which will in turn allow ‘you’ to deepen. Your highest aspects will guide you accordingly.

Empty of the restrictions in the heart, open to Love and Light and Trust. In the midst, know that you are not helpless, even if at times it feels this way. You are not being dis-empowered. You are not helpless. You are allowing yourself to be helped by your higher aspects and those of us able to oversee and guide you from a higher perspective.

Do not assume that you know the full knowing of your purpose, or that your purpose at this now time will be the same at another. The element of feeling will guide you to your call as it evolves. But this also means that you mustn’t be attached to what your feeling experience is now. It will change. Don’t let personality become attached or fixed,  so that Soul can continue to evolve. Things are changing rapidly, therefore what you perceive as your call must be allowed to change as needed.

See that your call is manifesting NOW. Do not wait until something feels solidified, if you are feeling a call forward. Be in action, from the inner guidance, as the shifts take place in each moment. You are creating NOW. Follow the guidance of your Highest Self.

Allow your perceptions to stretch, expand and become elastic.

Thank you & our assistance is always present.

7th Council of Light of the New Earth Rising

What are you Vibe-ing?

Spirit has wonderful ways of teaching us, as long as we are sensitive in our listening. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving  the guidance to vibe specific energetic’s of words. The first word that arose up from within, or sprinkled into my awareness from my Highest Self, was honor. Honor, as we know is something held in great respect; of high esteem; of favor and privilege.

As the words hold an intellectual meaning, the guidance was bringing a full-being awareness to the energy of honor.  There were the moments when I was making dinner with a wandering mind, and honor imbued through my body with a great presence. My mind became focused, and I felt the privilege it was to be making the food in that moment. A sense of deep respect for the circumstances in my life to be such, that I could be cooking awesome, healthy food for myself and my husband.

That presence, the vibe of honor, was lovely and came with ease. There was a special nudge to call me to the present moment, with the visceral, energetic experience of the word.  But what I appreciated even more, were the moments this experience repeated, when under normal circumstances, honoring what was present was the farthest from my mind!

On a particularly rough day, feeling very tired, and dealing with computer issues, which often can bring me to a blood-rush-to-the-face-boiling point, I was rescued by honor. Like a cool breeze wafting in to soothe the rapidly growing irritation, the vibration of honor instantly calmed me. I again was called present to honor the moment, regardless what I was experiencing. I felt how precious the moment was, how privileged I was to have a computer, to have an opportunity to ‘be’ in a higher state of being amidst things not going smoothly. And as I was lifted to this awareness, the fact that I was tired dissipated. I wouldn’t say I felt woken up from sleepiness, as much as, my energy wasn’t being drained from dwelling on mental and emotional turmoil. The energetic up-liftment altered my perception of the just moment prior, frustrating experience.

There were countless times when this mind of mine, would begin to wander away down a path of old stories, memories, or drama’s, which are no longer relevant. Honor stepped into being ~ embodiment of Honor occurred.

The habit of mind, unless otherwise directed can keep us trapped in outworn states of being, denser vibrations, and re-affirming patterns which keep us from rising to our fullest Light.

With the presence of this new energy, I felt as if I was being trained in how to shift the energy and thought patterns to a higher vibration. In much the way a mantra is ‘energized’ in our system, it’s energy/consciousness will uplift us when it is needed, of it’s own accord. At this juncture, for these weeks, it’s been the energy imprint/consciousness of honor.

The last gift that was imbued, was a deep sense of connection to my Highest Self, to the Reality underneath all else. To the person or situation, left to my own devices I may have been ready to pass judgment or criticism, instead I felt heart-centered respect and at one with them.

About 2 days ago, that distinct presence of honor faded. I felt called to continue to turn my attention to what I had learned and put it’s vibration into a conscious practice. And then yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibration of celebration.  I’ve already received it’s energy uplift me and assist me in recognizing what a celebration each sweet moment can be as well as a hardship, because of the silver lining always present. So, I will continue to be imbued with celebration for as long as Divine Guidance deems it to penetrate my being!

My question and invitation to you? What are you vibing?  Call on your guides, the Universe, your Highest Self and allow them to deliver the energetic imprints of higher vibrations perfect for your heart & being!

Love & Blessings ~