Spaces of the Sacred: Embodied Poetry
by Byron Lindley

Spaces of the Sacred is a collection of inspired poems, diving deep into the heart, and is a vivid, visceral and touching chronicle of the awakening journey. It bridges various phases of soul emergence, touching on the challenges, yearning, deprogramming, healing, joy, ecstatic states, and deep love of the Divine. This work can be inspiring and illuminating, shining a light on the sacred journey of Ascension we are all walking. The words are complimented by the beautiful photography of R. E. Stinson. 105 pages

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About the Author
Byron Lindley is a writer, poet, musician, raw vegan chef, Light Worker, Gatekeeper, and holds an MSW from Washington University in St. Louis. He is the author of A Portrait of Soul: Transformational Poetry. A Kundalini awakening in 2003 kicked off a process of spiritual transformation, and in 2006 an intensification of purifying energy opened up a flow of divinely inspired poetry. The evolution of this sacred journey continues, and has now moved into music. Byron resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.