Welcome & Thank you for visiting my site. I know that when I’m looking for someone to work with, it’s important for me to get a feel of who they are, and if we’ll have the right flavor together, the right resonance.  So while what I have to offer embraces you,  I’ll first share a little about me.

When we transform our trials & tribulations into our Strengths and Gifts… 

We Bloom

When we realize that under all of the inner & outer noise, within lies our Joy & Peace…

We Radiate

When we rise up from our murky waters to Self-Love, rising to the surface, meeting the Divine…

We Embody

Inspiration of Soul and Heart is enlivened in me, through being of service to the transformation in another. I am called to assist you in accessing your fullest bloom, your most radiant light, your Highest ~ True Self.


• Yoga Nidra facilitator

• Reiki Master/Teacher

• Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Giver

• AromaTouch Technique application.

              * Light Language has evolved organically as a part of my awakening.

My Story

As many of us, I’ve had a bumpy road and some lost, lonely moments. A child of hippy-gypsy parents, my free-loving child, became a rebellious angry teenager.  An alcoholic as a young adult, with a couple of abusive relationships under my belt, made for a destructive combination to my self-esteem. And being raised by atheist parents, a belief in any kind of ‘God’ was nil, and tainted with much resistance and indignation. But Life had other plans for me! Rather than continue on a downward spiral, my life changed in my late 20’s when I entered Alcoholics Anonymous.

AA was the doorway into personal growth and self-discovery. Though these tendencies toward self-inquiry and observance of others were a natural part of my personality, they had become a little fogged over. The first ten years of sobriety gave me a foundation in myself and in a Higher Power spirituality, that would propel me on a path to deeper healing and transformational life experiences.

In the late 90’s, living in Portland, OR, I fell in love with ecstatic dance and conscious movement. This deepened an already sensitive relationship I had with my body. Becoming more greatly in-tune energetically, my intuition or what I’ve called my Soul-Song guidance, became clearer to hear.  This guidance led me to a conscious community in Southern Oregon, in which I spent a year with other awakening souls, learning powerful tools to profoundly shift my consciousness and ways of being in relationship to myself, others, and the world.

In 2001 things became really juicy, as I embarked unknowingly upon the mystical Kundalini path of the Divine Feminine.  After 3 months of vertigo, just when I would have been beginning a career of teaching dance/movement, I felt a call to begin yoga. This first hatha yoga class was followed immediately by an intense draw to the picture on a book of a specific teacher. The pitter-patter of my heart, the Soul-Song guidance, informed me I must see him, and 9 months later I sat before this man.  I was totally green to the yogic tradition when I experienced Shaktipat initiation through this  teacher who would become my guru. Entering a deep yogic path of Shakti-Kundalini Yoga, or sometimes referred to as a Tantric yoga tradition, nothing would ever be the same.

My life transformed after that first encounter and has been transforming ever since. I’ve been blessed to experience many phases of inner deaths and rebirths, always expanding my heart and consciousness. Though my life started without a relationship with God, I can say that God/Goddess/Source/Great Spirit/Divine Mystery is the primary focal point of my life today. While I began this relationship with the Divine through the path of Yoga, my inner Soul-Song, has led me to study Gnostic Christianity, Judaism through the mystical Essene tradition, and the Sacred Feminine, of which each of these represent.

Beginning 2010 with a new name, Lotus, long after my given name had ceased ‘fitting’ who I had become, I had a renaming ceremony. It was when I could hardly even write my given name any longer, I knew the aspects of the body, heart, and soul, were conveying a message to me.  It was an opportunity for an old me to die, and the next phase of this sacred journey to unfold, with the intention of embodiment resonating within. I had learned much over that past decade, and though much more would continue to be learned, integrating, deepening, and embodying that decade of wisdom was at hand.


In Egypt, the Blue Lotus is a flower of rebirth with the sun of each day. Rebirth has been a recurring theme that I’ve embraced along my journey. The cycle of death and rebirth, the cycles of Mother Nature, that which keep balance and harmony and life flowing,  I hold close to my heart. The path of embodiment of the Sacred Feminine is one of learning how to surrender to these flows, for they are intrinsic in our being.

As one teacher has spoken about our divine purpose, and it resonated with me, is that we each have a medicine to offer humanity.  Our medicine is uniquely ours and will be the perfect medicine for the right souls.  The medicine that is anchored in my bones and runs through my blood, and which bursts through my heart in Love, is that which I am here to share.

I am an edge pusher, a shadow worker, a heart opener,
a Truth seeker, a Light revealer. 

While I’m inspired and dedicated to supporting you to experience your brightest Light & deepest Love, I specialize in helping you to embrace and embody the Feminine rhythms. Just as a Lotus grows through the mud, moving toward the light, we must also acknowledge our own muddy waters, and learn how to swim through them.

That which stifles your highest Truth  and separates you from your Divine Beauty, I help you dissolve it.

That which keeps you from discovering the Wisdom of your Heart and snuffs out your Sacred Flame, I help you burn it.

All that keeps you ‘from’ and ‘stuck in’ the illusion of separateness of your Sacredness, is inner darkness, ignorance, blindness. The medicine that I offer you, is to assist you in accepting and loving and surrendering whatever shows up and seeing the Sacred in all of it. This is the quickest way to burning away the darkness and experience your Inner Radiance & Divine Truth.

We are continually evolving, but only if we are willing to move through the cycles of dissolution and rebirth. We simply need to acknowledge, clear and dissolve that which keeps you from the Luminous Truth that you are.

There is a Sacred Fire burning with longing within your heart.
There is a ripe budding awaiting the time of its Bloom.
The reality readying to be revealed, is that you are Whole and Wholy, right here, right now.

I value each training certification I’ve had the privilege of receiving, and those training’s in which certification wasn’t a goal. However, the most profound teachings I have received have been through Life’s direct experiences.  The experiential offers wisdom beyond the intellect and penetrates deep into soul and heart Knowing. Direct experience encompasses subtleties, layers, and textures of Truth, which can only be held and transmitted via deep knowing. These experiences for our learning span from the mundane of a 3-Dimensional reality to the entrance of 5-D and beyond. This is not something I can tell you, but it is a path I can help guide you along. What you find, will be the truths to your lessons, your soul, your own divine, blooming Lotus flower.

Now, in my 50’s, I’ve been blessed to be happily married to a wonderful man for over a decade. I am nourished by teaching, writing, sharing what pours forth from my Highest Self and highest purpose. I hold roles/archetypes of a healer, a Soul-guide, Priestess, as well as one who anchors Divine Light onto our planet and in hearts. And finally, on occasion, in the role of a Death Midwife, I receive the honor & privilege of sitting bedside, holding sacred space for the dying.

My husband and I have been called to move from Portland, Oregon to Tucson, Arizona, then to Los Angeles, California, and most recently in 2017 to Tulsa, Oklahoma where I lived as a teenager. Life is always full of surprises, as long as we remain open and in the Divine Flow!

All that I have learned and continue to learn through this sacred path we all travel, I share with you. This is my call. This is my dedication. This is my honor. This is my Love.

Blessings ~ Lotus

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