Follow the Arrow of Your Light

Like an arrow from our highest selves, we follow it's lead in our heart, allowing it to call us forward into new ways, new blossoming's, again & again. What was ~ is released. Don't look back! Don't go back to sleep! Every moment now, as the energies rise, we have greater ease in choosing to … Continue reading Follow the Arrow of Your Light

Divinely Blooming

Soul prayers ...Divine Presence, within & without, my heart bows down to you, as you bloom through me. Teach me to express Your Love, Your Truth, Your Beauty, as I rest in That spaciousness. Along the path of Soul, we are not losing ourselves, but allowing for more of who we truly are to emerge. … Continue reading Divinely Blooming

Transformation through Joyful Choices

The old paradigm mode of learning has been through lessons of pain & suffering. We've been unconsciously motivated to change via hardship, loss, anger, division. For many this modus of operandi is still in full force. It is connected to our wounds & the programs of attachment/addiction to pain & suffering. But there is a … Continue reading Transformation through Joyful Choices