Sacred Living Journey 2023

Are you ready for a year of initiations and the next stage/phase of your spiritual evolution? Through the lens of Ascension over the last 13 years which had us rising, so to speak, we are now experiencing the phase of Inscension / Descension. Our multidimensional fractals are landing and integrating, into Soul Presenceing and Sacred … Continue reading Sacred Living Journey 2023

Integration is a Sacred Bridge

Our spiritual evolution spirals, circles, processes, and moves in phases and stages, from one timeline into the next. Mostly this transitioning is gradual and detectable when we are being present and co-creating consciously from Soul presencing with Divine Source, Love and Life. Yet, these transitions also happen automatically and unconsciously by default, when we are … Continue reading Integration is a Sacred Bridge

Daily Life Presencing

A sharing for you, from the Guidance of the Light collective. "When we speak of the Sacred, we say that all in this world is Sacred, as ultimately it has been created by benevolent, intelligent forces. There are indeed forces that create chaos, and when that chaos eventually creates Light through clearer seeing and understanding … Continue reading Daily Life Presencing

Living In-Love with Life

Here we are at the 2:2 Portal which amplifies the power of Love, Gratitude, Creation, & Divine Union. These energies are strong through February 22 (2:22) and are here for us to up-level through the power of Love. Reflecting back on this portal last year, my focus, frequency and alignment for the highest good for … Continue reading Living In-Love with Life

Sacred Living

We are always in relationship with all of life forms around us, above and below. We are always in relationship with the energies we resonate with, or not, both consciously and subconsciously. We are always in relationship with the deeper functions of our own human being-ness, our cells, our organs, our blood, our brain, our … Continue reading Sacred Living