The Thread of Joy!

Twenty years ago, while living in Portland, Oregon, I took the Nia TechniqueWhite Belt training. I was a regular substitute instructor for a couple of teachers in town for a year, as part of my preparation to start my own classes.  My dream to teach this amazing body of work crumbled with the beginning of a Kundalini crisis. That story can be found in my memoir, ‘Awakening from the Dream ~ a Kundalini Memoir.’  Much has happened in these last 20 years!

The Nia inspiration embraced me once again this year and I’m currently re-taking the White Belt training, getting ready to teach at this fall. It’s a different world than the last time I taught. The training  is 16 weeks, on-line and I’ll be teaching on-line, most likely via Zoom.

With all the differences, the essence of the life of Nia, the life within all our hearts & bodies, and the innate qualities that are awakened and embodied through dance/movement and the Ascension process, there are common threads.

When I first began speaking Light Language, over a decade into my awakening, the quality that arose in my heart and became a magical guide for my divine alignment, was Joy.

During one of my first Nia classes as a student in 1998, I had an ecstatic experience during a free-dance segment of class. My heart burst open into qualities of Blissful Joy unlike anything I’d ever encountered and only heard about from far removed realities of spiritual teachings.  My face and whole being broke into a smile that exuded child-like, expansive, freedom & Joy!

A couple of months prior to beginning my Nia journey, I had just gone on my first vision quest.  On that journey Dragonflies become my constant companions, teacher, and medicine. They introduced me to following whatever made my heart go ‘pitter-patter.’  That was the point at which I released the need for my head, intellect or logic to guide my life. I surrendered to the power of my heart-communication of divine inspiration and intuition. It was that pitter-patter that committed me to Nia.

It was in those moments dancing the free-dance, when Joy overtook me, smiling through my dancing form, that Dragonfly energetically imprinted on my heart chakra. As I danced, I knew I had to tattoo that mystical totem creature of  earthly & ethereal realms, Light, fairies, and constant transformation, on my heart. Two weeks later, the Joyful Dragonfly was dancing with me.

There is a common thread of Joy between these two sacred paths of embodiment. One of the first principles of Nia, is the Joy of Movement, follow that which feels good and healthy in your body, and supports ease and grace in life. Just as one of the primary qualities of Ascension that is inherent in all of us.

Nia, like the life I’ve been guided into, there is a guiding principle of choosing pleasure over pain. This encompasses body, mind, emotions, whether on or off the dance floor.

I can’t say that I predicted returning to teaching Nia. Like most of my life, I just listen to the Dragonfly heart and it’s perfectly intertwining my Ascension path, with the deep embodied experience that Nia also facilitates.

Returning to dancing Nia, a movement art, two decades later, it’s an wholistic modality of healing & wellness, knowing oneself through movement & sensation, the conscious use of music & sound resonance, and each unique body’s wisdom. It is it’s own path of awakening.

This is going to be an exciting next phase for what I’m able to share in sacred service to the Ascension process. I hope you will feel called to join me!



Photography by Natalia Molina 2015