Multi-dimensional Humanity ~ Our Spiritual Evolution

Let’s explore our our multi-dimensional nature, as an evolving humanity.
This is an inherent aspect of the Ascension Process & our ability to access this truth comes with the raising of our frequency. While we can get glimpses along the way, this direct knowing, along with being able to perceive & sustain/maintain these realities, require a higher frequencies.
This last year I’ve become more committed to aligning myself with what lifts me into my heart & being of service, much is opening up. Portals have opened up to bring me teachings. In the past I’ve disconnected from this out of overwhelm, fear, or ego attempting to keep me safe & in the status quo of familiarity. Now, I’m more equipped & ready to stand in my “YES!” Beam me up Scotty!! 
In the last few years that I’ve come to know my Highest Self with clear connection & recognition new levels of wisdom have expressed itself in many ways over my life.
The Light Language has been instrumental in deepening this connection & ‘introducing’ me to multiple aspects of my divine self. In my experience, our Highest Self is not singular, but multiple energetic expressions from higher dimensional timelines. It is my HS that works through me, with that HS of my clients, to do the healing work that ‘I’ do.
I know now that all the work that comes through me & continues to evolve me, are these higher dimensional aspects, REMEMBERING me Home to what I already know.
And though they feel somewhat personal, as aspects of me, I believe they are ultimately a part of the larger ‘godhead’ Source, intelligence, ‘stepped down’ for my human understanding, at this phase.
I know more and more of you are connecting intimately to your HS guidance/aspects.
I’m curious how you experience this relationship?
Are you open to this new reality?
Or does it make you nervous?
The Ascension Process is that of expanding our consciousness to multi-dimensional realms, so that we remember who we are & what we’ve forgotten. As we move from the 3-D consciousness to 5-D and beyond, we will need to be open to this, and raise our frequency to the heart & High Heart centers, to truly begin to stabilize in this new earth reality.
We can’t take the baggage of our wounds & stories with us. The 5-D & beyond vibrates above that of those densities, which is why the inner work is of necessity.
And, it’s all accessed from within our own heart.
Our Innerverse holds the divine keys!
How do you feel about all of this
I hope you’re as thrilled & full of wonder as I am!!
With Love,