Sacred Communion with Sacred Oils

One of the joys in my life is the always deepening relationship I have with Essential Oils. My husband Byron and I began integrating them into our lives almost 2 years ago. I felt called to their spiritual essence, initially. Curious about communicating with our plant allies and learning the ways that they bring us greater life and vitality.  The special boon was experiencing the dramatic benefits they had on our physical wellness. Our health and vitality has only increased since they have been a part of our daily lives!

And yet, I do have a deep connection to the wisdom they carry and communicate with our heart.and soul. Not long ago, I felt called to the aide of Lavender and Sandalwood. Let me first say, Lavender has not really been a scent that I’ve had great resonance with. Yet, I will always turn to it when I cut a finger or have any kind of bite! Immediate relief to the pain or itching; it cleanse a cut, soothes a bite, and supports the skin to heal.  Being called to Lavender, though seeming a natural go-to for emotional support, has not been on my list, Until . . .

A while ago this mind of mine was caught up in some stories about not being ‘productive’ enough, not being organized, not bringing things to completion. There were judgments flying around inside my head. And consequently, these tense and frustrated thoughts in the head, were creating mass tensions in my body. I could feel pressure growing at the tops of my shoulders, the back of the neck, and my chest was beginning to constrict. All of this inner noise was exhausting me.

I had to take a lay down. A lay down isn’t really a nap, it’s a short time to gather my scattered energies back into a quiet center. Stilling my body and laying on my back in Savasana, also known as Corpse pose is one of the self-care practices I’m quite fond of.

As you can imagine though, it didn’t help my stories about productivity! Before I made my way into the bedroom, I knew I needed some extra assistance. To my surprise Lavender jumped out at me, along with Sandalwood.

Putting a drop of each into the palm of my hand, gently rubbing my hands together, I then covered my face and started breathing deeply as I laid down. All at once, everything became quiet within my being. The previous tensions in the body started to release and my chest relaxed.

I massaged the oils into my heart center, along the back of my neck, the Third Eye and temples. Continuing then to breathe deeply into my hands, I received their messages.

Lavender can be referred to as the Oil of Communication and Sandalwood, is of course known as a deeply Sacred and Devotional essence. The gifts I received from them at this time and have called on since, can be described as such:

As the tensions eased in mind and body, my heart began to open . . . to myself. 

I felt the desire to communicate with myself with more love and compassion.

All of the inner-turmoil was held in the light of inquiry.  How can I align with the truest energy of this soul desire, with ease and grace? How can I make every act I do one of sacred honor? Where do I need to be lovingly honest with what isn’t working and out of that love, make the changes that will serve my Highest good and expression? 

Whether I’m working or playing or resting, Devotion can be infused. With that infusion of devotional consciousness, all flows with ease and grace. 

What I witnessed in that short time, was that I changed and the rest of my day transformed. I felt listened to and nourished by myself, and was then able to move forward with clarity, compassion, and honor of lessons.

With pure grade, Essential Oils, we are communing with enlivened forces of nature. When you call on them for assistance, their gifts are yours to receive! If you’ve wondered about incorporating Essential Oils into your life and have questions or curiosities, drop me a line!

In Love & Nourishment ~


art: Sulamith Wulfing


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