Elemental Prayers

Not too long ago while spending time up in the park, I was called to connect to and give thanks to the elemental forces. These forces make up all of nature, including our own beings. They then each spoke their sacred languages of Light through me, bringing my being harmony and balance.

The ancient Essenes carried in their hearts a practice of the Daily Communions. While they called forth the energies of nature and the cosmos, they also included the highest energies for aligned living with the Divine. The Angels were the forces they communed with for their healing, harmony, and right resonance in all of life. Perhaps I’ll share the Communions in another post, dedicated to their power and beauty!

When I work with clients, depending on what is needed to bring balance to that person, the elemental energies flow forth offering support and healing. I’d like to share the prayers which poured forth on that day.

You’re invited to offer them up from your heart or listen within and hear your own prayers and gratitude streaming forth into creation.

Mother Earth, May we hear your voice and feel your love, as you are in our bones. That which sustains us and carries us, as babes on your back. May you bless us with you energies and frequencies of nourishment and support! Adi Kaddi Ka Sa

Wind of Life, That which gives us breath and breathes us into life, that which blusterly clears ad gently calms. You who inspires with deep respiration. May you bless us with your presence and voice! Haaaa Ssshhhhh

Fire of Life, Please bring forth your divine heart and radiance, infusing us with codes of Light, uplifting us into the arms of the Divine. May you burn away, leaving to ash, that which is stagnant, that our mind and heart be purified for deeper love. May we be blessed by you voice and love, that we may see and feel the warmth in our own divine heart! Rrrrr

Water of Life, Your love fills our veins and allows our being to thrive. You wash away impurities and cleanse our body and soul. Your presence keeps us agile and supple, with the ability to transform through life. May we be blessed with your purity and presence, to quench our thirst for the divine within each of us! La Ka Sa

Ether of Life, Your subtle, yet powerful presence carries our energies to the heights and transforms that which is beyond our knowing. Our Highest Self streams forth with your assistance, with guidance into our deepest truths, our divine knowing. May we be blessed with your voice and presence, so that we may come to know the great freedom of who we are! Iti Pasati Ka Ya Pata Sata

May you be inspired to dance with our elemental forces, alive within and all around us! May we learn to honor their life and support them through right living on this planet as their wisdom supports us. Out into Nature we go!

Love, Light & Blessings ~



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